The Deng Group


The research in Prof. Liang Deng's research group is focusing on the synthetic, structure, and reactivity aspects of organo-transition metal chemistry with emphasizing on base metal compounds capable of facilitating small molecule or inert bond activation, performing catalysis, and mimicking the organometallic units of metalloenzymes and cofactors. Since its establishment in 2009, the research group has recieved generous funding supports from National Natural Science Fundation of China, the Chinese Acadamy of Sciencies, 973 Program, and Science and Technology Commision of Shanghai Municipality. As one of the vibrant research groups in theState Key Laboratory of Organometallic Chemistry, the Deng group welcomes young scientists to joint.



Rooms 1308/1310/1311/1313, Junmou Building,
Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry,
345 Lingling Road, Shanghai, P. R. China, 200032


Tel: (086) 021 54925325 (lab), (086) 021 54925460 (office)


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